About Lumina

”Brilliant light,” as the Latin word “Lumina” literally translates from, is an apt name for a company that started out as a “Eureka! moment.” When our Founder, Bernard Yabut Maybituin started Lumina, he was simply inspired to do what many people would deter him to do.

So what began as an avenue to showcase the founder’s artistry through events, have throughout the years become a testament to Lumina’s enduring imagination to think of transformative ways to tell a story, and the capacity to bring that story to life. Every idea a light bulb moment, and since the humble beginnings of Lumina Events PH, we’ve illuminated over 100+ stories through events.

Message from the Founder

“Intent trumps ideals,” I’d always say, and for the better part of my three-decade career, I’ve always wanted to impart that knowledge to everyone I work with. Where ideals are fueled by imagination, intent involves the picture of success and the road to get there. So when I picture a campaign laid out with ideas, I’m filled with intention for it to succeed.
When approaching the subject of events—be it brand launches, city-wide festivals, fashion shows, and pageants—me and the team would come in with a spark of interest; that which we ignite into a flame of possibilities when crafting the show’s outline. We like our minds to be filled with concepts but reeled back in with executable milestones.
After all, what use is an imaginative mind if not backed up by a team who can make it happen; and that’s who we are at Lumina, more than just creative concepts drawn but also passionately executed projects: a complete and impressionable theatrical experience.

Our burning passion ignites experiences and shapes memories, illuminating the brilliance of your brand story.

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The driving force of our brilliant work is the people’s talents. We’re always on the lookout for competent, passionate individuals who share our commitment in executing unforgettable moments, with much attention to detail and personalized storytelling. We don’t draw the line at creativity, as we take it further into precise execution.

Core Values

At the heart of Lumina Events PH Inc.; we abide by our core values as a reminder and an assurance that we’ll always stay true to our company name when serving yours.

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