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Lumina is not just a name; it's a reminder of our promise to infuse every event with creativity, vibrance, and an unparalleled dedication to bringing your brand’s ideas to life. Our work is a testament to that.
Tenet's GBC in Motion event, featuring a neon theme, promises a stylish and engaging experience.

Tenet’s GBC in Motion Year-End Party 2023

Cebuana Lhuillier's Rave-up Christmas Party was a meticulously organized and lively year-end celebration, fostering a formal yet joyful atmosphere of unity among employees.

Rave Up – Cebuana Lhuillier Christmas Party 2023

At the ROX Outdoor Festival 2023, models elevated their attire with sporty sophistication, showcasing a fusion of performance and style on the runway.

ROX Outdoor Festival 2023’s Travel and Adventure Fashion Show

Mrs. Universe Australia 2023 showcased the epitome of grace, intelligence, and beauty, uniting accomplished women in a celebration of empowerment and excellence.

Mrs. Universe Australia 2023

Michael Leyva's 'Passion & Fashion 2023' captivated Sydney, Australia, with a dazzling fashion show that seamlessly blended passion and style, showcasing the designer's innovative approach to contemporary couture.

Michael Leyva’s Fashion Gala- Passion & Fashion Australia 2023

At the Mrs. Universe 2023 event in Australia, Chico Estiva's Fashion Show captivated audiences with its refined elegance and avant-garde designs, epitomizing the intersection of luxury and sophistication on the global stage.

Chico Estiva Fashion Show in Australia 2023

Inaugurating a formal stage to drive the evolution of blockchain technology, the recently concluded 2023 Philippine Blockchain Week stands out as a crucial moment for fostering industry cooperation.

Philippine Blockchain Week 2023

Michael Cinco's Impalpable Dream of Metaverse Fashion Gala, showcased during the Philippine Blockchain Week 2023, redefines sophistication and style, blending timeless elegance with futuristic aesthetics in a mesmerizing display that sets a new standard for opulence in high fashion history.

Michael Cinco Metaverse Fashion Gala 2023

In adherence to a "clean slate" dress code, the 2023 Preview Ball elegantly presented dazzling stars against a backdrop of all-white ensembles, highlighting and celebrating the talents of our esteemed Filipino Fashion Designers.

Preview Ball 2023

Gawad Tanglaw 2023 bestowed recognition upon the distinguished local officials of Bulacan, celebrating their steadfast dedication and exceptional contributions to public service.

Gawad Parangal ng San Jose Del Monte Bulacan 2023

Francis Libiran's 2023 fashion show unveiled the epitome of haute couture, showcasing an exquisite blend of elegance and innovation.

Francis Libiran Fashion Show 2023

The 23rd Tanglawan Festival in San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan, was a nostalgic blend of sophistication and enjoyment, featuring a Cultural Fashion Show that beautifully showcased the city's rich heritage.

Tanglawan Festival 2023

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